In 2016, Oculus launched the VR For Good Creator’s Lab, an initiative to connect VR creators and important causes, in order to showcase the need for social change in breakthrough ways. Through Creators Lab, Oculus works directly with people who champion various causes to illustrate how beautiful and moving VR experiences can change our perspectives and motivate action.

Reel FX, and now our team at Flight School, provided post-production services for films created within the program, totaling over 70 minutes of VR films in 2016, with premieres at Sundance, SXSW and Tribeca. In 2017, we are working with a new crop of filmmakers and non-profits throughout the globe. Among the 10 filmmakers selected for the program this year, is our own Ryan Hartsell, directing a film for Male Cancer Awareness Campaign, an organization leveraging the power of humor – and the visual spectacle of giant floating testicles – to combat embarrassment, raise awareness, and drive home the importance of early diagnosis.


“In Harmony”

“Notes to My Father”

“Out Of The Blue”

“Step to the Line”