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Creature in the Well

Creature in the Well is a 3rd-person action puzzle game with pinball-inspired combat mechanics. Save the village from a desperate Creature by re-powering the ancient facility it guards. Surmount its many challenges by unlocking new weapons and gear, in your quest to defeat the Creature.

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August Knights

August Knights is a 3rd-person, roguelike game built around miniatures. It’s about the freedom of a summer away from school, and neighborhood night games played for the highest stakes.



Upload is about Toro, the son of immigrants and a kid recruited by an alien race to fight against an ancient threat in the galaxy. Jynx is an alien pilot learning what it means to be a soldier. Both are teenagers trying to figure out where they fit. On earth Toro, a total nerd, feels out of place. At home Jynx knows exactly who she wants to be (well she thinks she does).


Michael Jackson

The SCREAM CD and collectible glow-in-the-dark 2LP vinyl (the latter available October 27) contain an exclusive poster from which fans can launch the first-ever augmented reality experience created for a Michael Jackson album! The immersive "Scream" AR experience is like nothing fans have seen before. Reflective of Michael Jackson’s own innovative thinking, Sony, Flight School and the Estate have teamed with Shazam to make it possible for Shazam app users to just point the Shazam camera at the posters to launch the activation